Damp Proof Plaster

What is Damp Proof Plaster?

Damp proof plaster is a specifically designed plaster that allows the wall to ‘breathe’ by allowing moisture to pass through and reduce the chance of damp appearing.

As with many buildings, especially older properties, damp can often occur on exterior walls where the wall is not allowed to ‘breathe’. All walls contain moisture, this moisture level changes as the temperature throughout the days, weeks, months and years changes. If the moisture cannot escape the wall, then damp can start to form; certain products being placed on walls can restrict this air flow hence the description of allowing the wall to ‘breathe’ to stop damp.

What is the treatment for Damp Proof Plaster?

To begin with, the affected area and usually a minimum of 1m2 around the affected area is removed. Then the special damp proof plaster is applied similarly to normal plaster an allowed to dry. Once dried the wall can be decorated and should still allow the building to ‘breathe’.

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