Solid Plastering

What is Solid Plastering?

Solid plastering is the process of applying plaster directly to brickwork or blockwork without using plasterboard. The finish of solid plastering is similar to that of skimming and is usually chosen down to preference however some people believe skimming can give the wall a more hollow feel hence opting for solid plastering instead.

What is history of Solid Plastering?

Solid plastering has been practiced done for millennia with plasterboard not being introduced into the UK until the latter half of the 19th century. Plastering is considered to be one of the oldest building and construction professions in the world, in fact the original plaster of the pyramids can still be seen today some 4,000 years later. Traditionally, plasterers used a lime plaster, a practice that can still be done to particularly old and historic buildings, however now more modern products are available.

What is the cost of Solid Plastering?

As with all jobs, the cost varies depending upon the size of the job. The lack of plasterboarding is counteracted by the additional labour and plaster needed to smooth the uneven surface so the price is similar to that of skimming around £45/m2. To get a more accurate quote please contact us on 07967410464 or email via [email protected]

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