Monocouche Rendering

What is Monocouche Rendering?

Monocouche rendering is a thick render type that is often chosen for its scratch resistance. Monocouche comes from the french which means single, as this is a single thick layer render with the colour that runs through and is popular rendering choice for homeowners.

What are the advantages of Monocouche Rendering?

Monocouche rendering uses a different white-based cement rather than the traditional grey-based which enables colour to be added to the render meaning no additional painting is necessary as the colour runs through the render. There are also a huge variety of colours available. As well as this, the thick layer enables mesh to be added to the render which further increases the strength and durability. This thick layer creates an additional thermal layer further insulating the house.

Monocouche vs other render types.

Due to the thick nature and colour application to the render, monocouche has many advantages over traditional render, with less visible cracks and durability. However, unlike the newer silicone render type, it is not as waterproof nor as vapour permeable thus not making it quite as resistant to algae growth nor interior mould. The colour options are an advantage to monocouche rendering as there is a huge variety and that colour does last for the duration of the product which tends to be 25 years. That being said, it is cheaper than silicone, and in fact acrylic, so is a strong contender for those looking for greater aesthetics of traditional rendering with a bit of a budget.

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